Agria Potatoes

Can anyone help me please. I live in Northern California and am looking for some genuine Agria potatoes to use as seed. I cannot find a source here so far. I am from New Zealand where this variety is consistently voted the ‘Best Potato’ Agria are a wonderful all round potato , delicious quite distinctive flavor yellow flesh. I know that they were trialled here in California in the 90s by Davis so I think there must be some stock somewhere??
I have bought 'so called 'Agria seed potatoes here in the US in the past and have grown them but they were definitely not genuine Agria. Last year I tried bringing some back from NZ in order to grow but upon declaring them they were confiscated. For some reason you can only bring potatoes into the US through Guam.


There are several excellent reasons you can’t just bring some potatoes into the U.S. either virus, fungus, or bacterium.

That said, you may be able to order them from Canada. Agria – Eagle Creek Seed Potatoes

If that doesn’t work, leave me a message and I’ll put you in contact with a potato breeder who probably has access to seed stock.

thank you for that. I knew they were a very popular potato in Canada but didnt think they could be imported to the US. Just checked and it turns out that they can be.

***Potatoes (with or without peel): Travelers may enter the United States with fifty pounds or less of fresh potatoes intended for a traveler’s personal use if free of soil and commercially packaged/labeled as grown either in Canada or the United States USDA 2022