Agrothrive fertilizer

just picked up a 2.5 gal jug of this from a local discount store for $20. online goes for $50. anyone try this? smells like molasses and stale beer. it has good reviews. just curious what it grows like.

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Looks like it’s fermented, so it should work well.

FWIW- You can DIY ferments. If you want to learn how, read up on the ferments used in Korean Natural Farming.

When I make KNF ferments I usually do fermented plants in one bucket and fermented fruit in another. I use bioaccumulators for the plants, stuff like dandelion, horsetail, radish, nettles, kale, borage, and chicory. For fruit ferments, I do whatever I have on hand.

I also ferment ashes using citric acid solution, make pH 3 solution and mix with ashes, then wait. Ash ferment is an incredible potassium fertilizer, makes for a perfect foliar food.


i have lots of hybrid comfrey ive fermented with a little molasses in the past. i think ill make some again after i use this stuff. comfrey stinks like death when fermented though.


I’m growing a couple comfry plants…first time in quite a few years.


Could you tell me how to go about making the ash ferment using citric acid. Like anyone with a fireplace, I have lots of wood ash and this looks like a great way to make use of it.


@FungoliaFarms … I’m interested in the fermented ash fertilizer as well. Recommended books, websites or other information concerning the topic would be appreciated.

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@steveb4 you might try drying the comfrey before fermentation to help with smell. I’m not sure if it will smell less, but it might. I always use dried and powdered ingredients for ferments because it seems to make a better finished product. Dried material makes a snot like consistency in the finished product, using fresh plants makes the consistency like water.

From left to right- fermented plant juice, fermented fruit vinegar made using wild yeast, fermented shrimp shell.

Here’s the fermented ash, this batch is made from hemp and cannabis ash.

I started doing the ash ferment like 6 or 7 years ago, so I don’t have the research anymore. You can look up stuff like

Wood ash fertilizer value
Acidic ashes extract
Citric acid ashes extract
Ashes fertilizer solubility acidic solution
Neutral titration of ashes fertilizer

To make ash ferment, you need a good pH meter like Hannah or BlueLab. Make sure the meter is calibrated before starting.

Make a pH 3 citric acid solution
Wet your ashes just enough to make a “dough”
Wait 20 minutes
Add acidic solution to ashes dough
Adjust pH to below 4 using citric acid.
Wait a month and strain, or don’t strain.

Now you’ve got finished fruiting fertilizer.