Agrumes/ citrus

Hi all. all of my citrus is in bloom except for my Australian finger limes. Will brings those inside for the winter to see if they will bloom and hold fruit next spring. My Panaché lemon lime has just been picked and is in bloom again as is my Four Seasons lemon. Picked my one and only first Mandarin today. Will let it settle to room temperature then try it. Here are a few pics.!


My Owari satsuma is currently ripening it 1st fruit with 4 small green ones,

i assume will ripen next winter? ate 6 smallish mineolas off my other tree in late sept. had to give it a haircut to get it back inside.
reminds me i need to put the fertilizer to them soon.


Do you move your citrus from outdoors to indoors for the winter or are they in a greenhouse?

all indoors on south facing windows. its way too cold to maintain a greenhouse in the winter here. would cost way more to heat than it would be worth. my father tried it on a small scale, back 20yrs ago. heating with a trailer furnace, back when fuel oil was cheap. would be 4xs that cost nowadays.

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