Akcay-sekeri-sweet-orange and 15 brix white grapefruit

Orange is akcay-sekeri-sweet-orange and tested out 13 brix. My first year for many fruit. Budwood from CCPP. Grapefruit is marsh white and 15 brix. A friend dropped by and surprised me with the grapefruit. Yes it is sweeter than sweet oranges and way sweeter than any red grapefruit. Last year it got to 17 brix. Here near Houston 500 miles north of Texas citrus growing Valley. Due to “global warming” no citrus killing freezes since 1989.[Akçay Şekeri Sweet Orange - fruitmentor™ (Akçay Şekeri Sweet Orange - fruitmentor™)


That sounds like gooood grapefruit!!!

Yum…sounds special!