Akebia / Chocolate Vine

Does anyone on here have experience with Akebia/Chocolate Vine? If so, do you think it will fruit in Zone 5 where I live? I hear it can be difficult to get it to bear fruit outside of its native zones…it is also not self-fertile, so you need 2 plants, and it sounds like you may need to hand pollinate. And it probably would need to be in full sun.

Anyone know much about this? Any tips or tricks?

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Here in zone 6 kansas i have not been impressed but i wanted to be. Search results for 'Akebia' - Growing Fruit

I was very interested in akebia a while back. I’ve read up on impressions from this forum, other forums and weirdfruitexplorer on YouTube. Everyone seems to say the same thing, it’s very cool/alien looking but the taste is bland. But yes, from what I’ve read online it should easily fruit in zone 5.

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I think I remember it is sensitive to late cold snaps, which is common here. I put in several types for cross-pollination for a customers privacy screen. Came up each spring only to get slammed by a late frost and look ragged, changed to a different plant after several years. Also zone 6…

I have one, but not another so it’s never been pollinated to set fruit. The vine so far has been well behaved and twines through a tall ‘Queen Elizabeth’ rose I have. It blooms it’s little chocolatey-purple flowers every year and they are cute, but despite nurseries typically advertising them for their chocolate scent I find the scent too mild to be noteworthy.