Alaskan sized garden pest

Largest moose that’s ever been in the yard. Fortunately it did not jump over the 6’ fence into the back yard wher all the trees and veggie garden is - unlike some other moose have.

This one is probably 900 lbs.


Wow that makes our cottontail and deer problem seem small.

Younger traveling companion. 700 lbs or so.

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This photo shows the rack better.


You need a bigger gun. That’s big vermin!!

no news is good news they say…

if you’re trying to grow fruits and greens, no moose is good moose!

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I hear moose are completely unafraid of people, too.

Anchorage has a lot of urban moose. They are pretty well used to people. Since there is no hunting allowed inside the city, the only cause of death is getting hit by a car or old age. I’ve never had the misfortune of hitting one, but know a lot of people who have. A hundred or so accidents a year is typical.

The cows with a calf are actually responsible for most of the cases of people being stomped by a moose (happens once every couple of years, last fatality was about 20 years ago to a 70 year old man). When I was 12, I was out in the back yard when a cow and calf stepped out of the woods. My dog ran at it, barking his damn head off. The cow charged the dog and the dog turned tail and ran behind me, still barking. I started backing up and tripped over the dog, landing flat on my back with the moose still charging. She stopped about 20 feet away, decided she made her point and went back to the calf. I got up and kicked the dog, figuring if the moose wasn’t going to teach him a lesson, I would.

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