Alkaline Tap Water

Does anyone have any experience treating their water to bring the pH down? I have several acid loving plants both potted indoors and in-ground outside that I water from the tap, unfortunately, my water is quite alkaline. I am not sure what impact the alkaline water has on my plants or the soil pH, but I was wondering if it would be worth the trouble of adding an acidic solution or some other treatment to lower the water’s pH?

I use N-pHuric 15/49.

I have alkaline tap water and we routinely get lime deposits from hours. I used sulfur, acidic fertilizer for plants and peat moss and it was still fruitless. I stuck a ph meter in at the end of the season and it was measuring above a 7. I question how important it is with certain plants though. My huckleberry have seemed unaffected despite many claiming it needs low ph and my blueberries also seemed unaffected. My American Cranberry from Stark Bros seemed affected and those died but many claim those are fragile in general. I hear you need maple syrup to make good cranberry anyway so not a total loss.

I am using vinegar to lower my pH, easy to do but test as you add over a period of several weeks so you don’t over do it

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My brother-in-law who runs a large meat chicken farm in Oklahoma uses apple cider vinegar regularly to lower the P.H., as well as a chlorine solution.