All my fig grafts took! Now it's a 20-n-1 fig tree

Three Z-grafts and one whip&tongue. Will prune them to shape after the harvest on the existing grafts. I thought only two of them took, but the others showed signs of vigorous life this week when it was getting hotter, and those that didn’t take usually shrivels back to their death. This is now 20-n-1 fig tree! Okay, don’t ask me what cultivars I have. I will start evaluating their tastes and will report the best ones sometime later in the season.

I only prune my figs after the last harvest, that way, I can give away the cuttings for exchanges or propagation. Can’t believe that the fig trees at Home Depot are at least $25 for a 5-gallon pot when they’re super easy to propagate via cuttings.

The New Entries:

Italian Black GN

Italian PV

Panache, z-grafted

Negronne, whip & tongue


Impressive! I’d be interested in seeing some pictures when it’s loaded down with figs