All the potted Fruit trees are out of the tornado shelter

It is a nice 74 degrees day. I moved the Che, Kaki, Pakistan Mulberries, and jujube rootstocks out. Hopefully, no more cold front.



I’m going to move stuff out pretty soon. Extended shows no teens between now and early April. Need to make some room in the garage.

No 70Fs here for a few more weeks.

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Such a beautiful day wit 5 miles winds and top at 78 degrees and I help my wife fixing up Korean Barbecue on our deck. Yum.



Wow… Your extended looks a heck of a lot warmer then mine. You should be blooming pretty quickly i’d imagine. Looking good for night lows too…they stay mild.

Think it was 57F here. Nice weather for running. I could smell a lot of grills going.

With my potted trees…i don’t really worry once we get out of the single digits. The pots should be fine because mine sit in a protected area anyways. I just want to get my garage space back!


It was 62F here today with a strong SE breeze. I was too busy with errands to move my trees out of the garage today. But it is also on my to-do list list for tomorrow before or after work.

I don’t have so many that they keep me from parking in the garage. :wink: But the ones I do have are right in the way of getting to all my spray and gardening tools.

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