All things tractors thread


I don’t, but I have a few neighbors who do. Bobcats (and the other brands) are very nice for times when the snow is just piled/drifted too high or the path is too narrow or tight turns for a larger tractor to handle it. But for more normal snow removal and ag type things it seems they can’t match the speed which larger conventional tractors can do the work (even though many of the same implements are available for bobcats). Just observations/comments from a non-owner…


I watched a neighbor using his bobcat’s auger to dig planting holes for trees. Sure looked easy.


Id say that Bobcats are a higher horsepower, more compact, more maneuverable machine compared to most tractors but the price reflects it as well. I work at the bobcat manufacturing facility and if I had the money I’d buy a Toolcat. All that said my budget just wasn’t there and I purchased a lightly used 35hp compact tractor with a cab and implements for my property. The biggest advantage I can see with a tractor is having a loader on the front and another implement on the rear to do more work at the same time. This winter was a perfect example when I used both the loader and snowblower when things got bad around here.


Bobcat can’t do that?


Run a front and rear attachment? Toolcat 5610 has a rear 3 point setup but isn’t as maneuverable as a bobcat.


I see that you can buy them used, not that I need one


One thing I’d mention about skid steers is that they get stuck easy. They will pretty much get stuck anywhere a 4x4 pickup will, which is a lot of places. A tractor will plow through those places.


There was a guy with a forestry unit on his 125 horse CAT skid steer out here. He could clear anything in his way. That being said I pulled him out of deep mud twice with my 4 wheel drive 75 horse tractor. :+1:


Does that have anything to do with whether they are wheeled or tracked?


That’s a good point Lois. Every year I hire a skid steer to move mulch for me. Sometimes it’s a track machine and sometimes wheeled. Like Dutch, I’ve had to pull them out a couple times in mud. Both times it was a wheeled machine which got stuck. Wheeled machines have too small of tires and don’t have the aggressive tread that a tractor has.

The track machines definitely get around in mud better. I don’t know if they will go through as deep mud as a tractor can though. But maybe? Part of the problem is the clearance is pretty low on a skid steer.


His was tracks… He was in some really bad stuff though. We used a log chain so I didn’t go down in where he was. It was still a bit sketchy for me. Ag tires are a must IMO…


This farmer has come up with a pretty ingenious way to keep from getting stuck in the mud. Kinda funny!


That’s how my back feels these days :slight_smile: Clunk, clunk!


So this tractor will be auctioned locally tomorrow and Im considering bidding. Any feedback about this make/model would be appreciated. Also curious what you think would be a ‘good deal’ on this tractor?

XR4040H LS MFWD-540, 3 pt, 2 hyd, 130 hrs w/LL4102 LS loader



I’m not familiar with that brand of tractor, but based on its low hours and a front end loader, it could cost a pretty penny. Here is a thread I found about this model from 3 years ago that might help.

Perhaps @Steve333 or @olpea could comment?


Not personally familiar with MF tractors. But a fellow at work had one several years ago that he liked a lot. Not sure if it was this exact model, but did look similar.


I bought a XR4140H (no cab) new a year ago and have had no problems at all, seems like you get a lot for money with LS.


Their wikipedia page is interesting:


I’m not familiar with LS tractors. They are probably built decently. The risk can be parts for the machine in the future. There are so many tractor companies which have gone by the wayside for which parts can’t be found.