All things tractors thread

Oh, I’m not worried about the tractor, I just wonder if the new shaft can handle the tractor’s hp. The shaft is rated at 53hp at 1000rpm, 35hp at 540rpm, which is what my pto is rated at. I’m guessing it’ll be okay.

I don’t know what brand of bush hog it is or what hp it’s rated at.

I wouldn’t have any qualms with using a series 4 shaft on a 5ft bush hog.

All of my experience is on a little Kubota with less than 15 HP at the PTO. I’ve got the opposite problem trying to run implements better suited to more power.

I feel silly attaching a 40 or 50 pound series 5 shaft to my little Kubota to run the stump grinder.

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Ok thanks, Jafar, I appreciate your help. I went ahead and ordered it, should be here around Wednesday. I got some Amazon gift cards for my birthday (a couple days ago), so it just cost me about $80 total.

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My new PTO shaft came in today. Looks good, but can’t put it on now, it’s starting to rain here.

I’m curious as to why there’s a small chain on the cover, what’s that for?

That chain is supposed to be attached to the brush hog (implement) frame to prevent the safety cover from spinning.
So the shaft turns inside the cover, safety cover should not turn

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Thanks, that’s what I did when I put it on, one chain attached to the tractor the other one to the mower frame. Looks good on there.

Took it out into the pasture and did a bit of mowing, everything seems to work fine. Too wet to do too much today, probably finish it in a couple days.

Thanks again @murky for the recommendation.

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You’re welcome. I’d get some grease into the U-joints on both ends, and into the guard at those plastic zerk/nipples near where the chain connects.


Already did it, just used some general grease that I use for my tractor suspension joints.

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Bush Hog brand uses that type shaft.

Looking for opinions. Would this be a good tractor for orchard use and maintaining my 40 acres? A friend thinks I should go with the frame size one step larger, but Im thinking I might be better served with a smaller tractor for mowing and regular orchard activities and then maybe getting and older rear wheel drive 2 sizes larger, maybe in the 70hp range for larger tasks… Opinions appreciated I found one with low hours, loader and the JD 72 inch belly mower that would be handy I think.

It might be alright for mowing and smaller tasks. I guess it depends on what other jobs you are foreseeing doing in the future. But, if you’re going to mow 40 acres, a belly mower would take quite a while. But I saw that you can get a 5 or 6ft belly mower, so that might be okay. But, maybe a bigger tractor with a pull behind bush hog might be a better fit.

I have a mid sized 40hp John Deere with a 5ft bush hog (you can see it in previous posts where I just changed out the PTO shaft) and it takes me at least 2 hours to mow our 3 acre pasture. We actually have 50 acres but most of it is hilly, heavily forested and unaccessible. We maintain a couple acres where our buildings, gardens and orchard are, about 2 acres with a 48in riding mower and push mower.

Yeah it comes with the 72" belly mower which would work good between rows of my haskap and other berries. I wont be mowing the entire property, I will probably be tilling a decent sized garden every year, mowing a yard eventually that will be maybe 5 acres max, probably less. Moving dirt and manure and and my bees around, on pallets, etc.

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How many acres are you actually going to mow?