Allium as Pest Deterrent

I have been given almost a hundred Allium bulbs both the regular and the giant varieties.

I remember reading that garlic can act as a deterrent to some pests both insect and mammalian.

Since these are in the same family, I was wondering if planting them on the borders around the orchard would have any deterrent effect on squirrels and/or chipmunks.


Under and around the drip line of trees seems like the best spot for allium. I grow chives and some other perennial alliums right around the trunks of some of my dooryard trees, nice to have herbs close to the kitchen and if it helps in any way deter pests or disease, that is a bonus. Bees like the blooms too. I do have doubts that they would do much good against a determined rodent however!

Deer step right over the chives at my house!

I have about a dozen Globmaster alliums growing next to a bird feeder. Squirrels run through them to get to the bird feeder.

Garlic and alliums might repel tiny insects but not squirrels, at least not the squirrels I have here.

Thanx for the replies…

I think I’ll plant them around the perimeter. Should look nice and the price was perfect.:slight_smile: