Almond Agaricus

Anyone grown/growing, or have experience with, Almond Agaricus mushrooms? I’ve been looking at different mushrooms on the Field & Forest site to find a few that might be fairly easy to grow. Since these grow on finished compost it seems quite suited to fit in to the garden, either on the compost pile or under plants, maybe moving to the greenhouse in the fall. Sue

I don’t believe you will have Much luck growing them in a slow compost pile such as from kitchen scraps and such.
The compost for Agaricus is usually made in a large batch.
At least a 6‘ x 6‘ pile. From fresh horses manure straw. Turned every three days inside out. For about two weeks.
Until it cools and it is finished.
Then spread, inoculated, covered with casing soil that is left undisturbed. A art and a science to this.
This is not just slow compost from kitchen scraps.
If done in the garden under vegetables activities such as hoeing. Would unfavorably disturb the casing soil.
So if you’re willing to make A proper active compost pile dedicated for Agaricus you may have luck…
But I think trying this from compost made of kitchen scraps in a typical garden situation will be disappointing.

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