Almond rootstock

I bought a halls hardy almond from gurney’s a long time ago. A huge old maple tree broke in half and crushed the almond tree. I had to cut it off about two feet high. The tree sent up three shoots above the graft and one from the below the graft. The three grew out well and now are 15 feet tall. The sucker from below the graft is small, 8 feet tall. It grows small green fruit. I thought this year I might save some seeds from it and plant them to make peach rootstock. Some of the fruit is now starting to ripen. They are small , less than golf ball. I tasted one today and it had a sweet white flesh that tasted peachy. It is free stone with a small red pit.

What do you think they were using for a rootstock ?

No doubt it’s a peach rootstock.

It has about fifty fruit on it, I hope to get some seeds to sprout this winter

Probably Lovell rootstock?

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