Almond Tree Bark Problem

I got this little All in One almond tree a few years ago for a great deal. I up potted it several times to an 28” redwood box and it was doing very good and is very beautiful when blooms as well as puts on a lot of almonds. The problem started last year when I noticed the bark above the graft was split and easily falling off. So I applied Arizonas Best latex thinking it’s from the hot summer sun. Which could have not been a good ideal. This year it started extracting a small amount of jelly substance.

A friend wasn’t sure but said it could be from watering heavy and cold nights with hot days expanded and contracted the wood to cause the problem.
Could it be from giving too much water? I water this tree heavy because the leaves wilt. Sometimes I’ll spray water on the tree itself and she perks right up after watering. Should I cover that part with a tube to keep dry?
Now I’m wondering if it could be a disease, fungal or insect.
I’ve searched around and contacted the nursery but haven’t had much luck with information. The nursery said it should grow out of it.

Thanks for any advice and making it through my ramblings :smiley:


From your pictures I don’t see much to be concerned about. The jelly like substance could be an issue. But I’ve not heard of anything to do about that. Maybe someone else will be more helpful.

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Thanks Steven. I figured it was a long shot it doesn’t appear there’s many almond tree growers around nowadays. They are water hogs.

And I’ll give her a chance and see how this year goes.

I’ve noticed this on stone fruit wounds when there is rain during growing season. Even on wounds not made at the planting location such as graft union, trees look and grow healthy though. Could be some canker or just physiological response by the plant due to excess moisture.

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Thanks. I really wondered about the excessive watering throughout the summer. If I slacked off the tree would wilt but always perk back up again even if I just sprayed the tree which I don’t like to do. Also the tree seems heavy healthy besides that.