Almost ready

Hope the raccoons aren’t keeping a close eye on these. The fruit is a little bigger than last year but still shy of what I think Lanes potential is.


Alright so you made me take off the protective layers on my peach and see if it’s almost ready :slightly_smiling_face:. It looks that way. They are coloring up nicely but still much smaller than store bought peaches. This is Contender which should be ready in my area in a couple of weeks.
I just hit it with sevin because I noticed OFM. Next year I’m going to be more organic. This year I have only a handful of fruit and I lost so many trees last year that I decided to break out the big guns. Can’t take such a set back again.
Anybody in Philly area growing Contender? Just wondering about the picking times…


Wow. That is the most protection I have seen. I have heard good reports about Contender and I am considering adding it this winter.

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Yes I’m determined not to let squirrels have them. I don’t have much fruit to protect. My entire harvest will consist of (in best case) 8 Contenders, 2 Korean Giant, 1 Harrow Sweet and 2 Chicago Hardy!


Hope you get to pick all of them. Those look like a good selection.


If late spring frosts or the winter doesn’t get them, the few I’ve had in Ia. have been very nice!


Forgot the hail.