Alternatives to Rooting Hormones

Does anyone here have ACTUAL experience using alternative compounds to stimulate the rooting of cuttings other than indole-3-butryic acid such as found in most rooting powders?

We have all heard cinnamon powder and also honey. Are there any organic approved products or other things people have tried that has exhibited actual results?

In my experience kelp and algae extracts do indeed stimulate roots to form. But I’m wondering about other products, specifically dry powders, etc.

Please reply if you have real experience rooting cuttings utilizing an alternative to indole-3-butryic acid.

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You are probably aware, but willow water has IBA in it. I have not used it to root, however.


i cut up green 1 year growth branches from my black willow in early spring into 1in. pieces to partially fill a small saucepan. fill with water to cover the pieces and put on low heat for a few hours. take off stove and let steep over night. strain. use as is and store leftover water in the fridge. can use though out the spring. make fresh batch every spring. ive seen comparable results with using this and other rooting hormones over the years. im cheap so i just use willow water. i put a bunch of cuttings in it and let them soak for about 30 min. before potting them so they absorb it. any green willow should work the same.