Am I allowed to ask this?

I am looking for some strawberry seeds to add to my collection as well as to tinker with a little breeding.

Very few places seem to stock strawberry seeds, plus many that do are scams. I searched through 5 whole pages of ebay strawberry seed listings and only saw 3 ads for seeds that actually exist! Everything else was for fake ebay seeds.

Am I allowed to ask about a specific store? If I am allowed to ask, has anyone heard of Has anyone bought from them? Are they a legitimate place, or are they a scam?

Legit, and yes you can ask, link, etc.

i just bought some strawberry seeds from baker creek heirloom seeds. ill be growing them out in march to put out in my beds this spring.

I’ve been a long time customer of Baker Creek ( and know their seeds are good. I can’t speak for strawberry seeds specifically as I’ve never bought those. But everything I’ve bought so far has germinated well and true to type.


Not true for me. I bought some carrots and radishes that were new from India, and they were not what was pictured and both were the worst veggies I ever grew. I didn’t ask for my money back, too much work. I did notice the varieties I bought were removed from their catalog, as if never there. They got taken too, so I gave them a pass. All other stuff has been very good, and I still order from them, a lot!

This year I’m going to buy some Cauliflower and Broccoli from Seeds of Italy, the Franchi seed company, founded in 1783 and the same family still runs it. I need seeds that are proven to work, and that is what they sell. Oh they sell Alpine strawberry seeds too.


They probably did get taken. I’m glad they took it out of the catalog.


If you want to breed some too, to play a bit, you can shave a strawberry and plant the seeds.
I have a little patch I started from commercial strawberries, seeds shaved off. There was one berry late last fall, but early frost got it. It will be fun to see what each one does this year.:smiley:
I bought some actual plants too, those white pineberries, and it they make blooms too, playtime!

What do you want to play with?

[quote=“Drew51, post:2, topic:19239, full:true”]
Legit, and yes you can ask, link, etc.
[/quote] Thanks, I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to ask about specific companies.

I have bought a few different alpine strawberry seeds from Baker’s creek and was really happy with them.

Years ago I was in Canada’s arctic and ate wild strawberries there. I fell in love with them. They were about as large as my little finger nail but wow did they taste great!

Unfortunately no where seems to sell seeds from them. I would like to play with some of the wild types. They seem to have some amazing flavours.

I have messed around with breeding over the past few years and am looking for some more diversity. There are so few different types available here, and strawberry seeds are allowable imports.

Want some wild strawberry seeds from PEI next July? Tiny, red outer layer, white inside and strong sweet/tangy flavour. There are some in our woods and I could save you some seeds when they are ready.


I thought of breeding too,not with alpines though. I have so many projects it’s not high on the list. I have a few unusual strawberry plants. First I want to grow them a few years. If you like Alpines try Mara Des Bois it is an everbearing that has an alpine flavor when dead ripe. It only takes on the flavor after being dead ripe. I will always grow these. I’m trying other French strawberries, but need a few years before I pass judgment. My two favorites are Mara Des Boois, and White D pineberry. I will always grow these two. I grow many types so spring is always full of strawberries. I manage to save 2-3 gallons a year for eating in the winter.

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Hi @jocelyn, I would love that. I will send you a message in June and see if this is still available!

You said they were an allowable import and we have them in abundance up here, I wonder if I could save some for you? Would I be allowed to ship them?

Sorry, I did not see Jocelyns offer before I hit post. But the offer still stands.

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Goodness, I have been away for awhile and just yesterday thought I would like to start strawberries from seed. I logged in to find out how to germinate them and low and behold there are more of us out there. Great minds think alike. :wink:

the wild Maine ones are fantastic as well. we used to spend days picking them when they were in season. the taste is really off the charts. some places they grow as big as the end of my thumb and are solid red . i could dig you some plants next spring if you want.

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my earliglow shaded out my mara des bois so I’m going to dedicate a bed just to them and replant.

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the mara des bois is not zoned for us, but we can grow them up here. A little mulch helps them survive.


i always mulch with straw and our deep snow protects well during the worse part of winter here.