Ambitious PawPaw Seedling

Hard to see from the pic, but this seedling is 3 foot tall with 10 flowers. That’s pretty ambitious for a seedling. Could this be a new earlier fruiting variety? All the other seedlings I have are older and bigger with no flowers. None of my grafted ones have flowered yet either. What are your thoughts?


You have a serious winner great job!!!


Keep us posted. How does it taste? How does it do next year?

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I’m not going to let it fruit. Fruit would only be golf ball size anyway. Full size would break those tiny branches.

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Ok i was thinking one fruit on a top branch (to keep those side branches going) that you support with a stake just so ya can try it.

i have 0 practical experiance with pawpaw. so keep that in mind :sweat_smile:

But would it be a good idea? to graft a bud/scion of this “winner” seedling to another seedling thats not flowering so early? And see if that scion flowers earlier then. (thus seeing if this is a variety that if grafted flowers early)

And also grafting a variety thats known for flowering “late” onto this tree. To see if this tree might hasten it’s flowering? (seeing if this tree might be an excelent rootstock)

I remember another topic where some one wanted to interstem pawpaw for increased vigor or flowers. We talked about possible pawpaw rootstocks.
This might be a good plant to try out for that. So if it suckers you could try to keep the suckers alive and transplant them as rootstocks.

just an idea/theory


Right now it is to small to even take a scion from. Later my thought was to replicate with a graft and see if we can reproduce those results. Pawpaw take a long time to fruit, so if it flowers fast every time there may be some value there.


See our recent discussion on interstems. This may be an interesting seedling to use for that purpose to coax along another cultivar which normally takes a long time to fruit. I may be interested in a scion to experiment in the future.