Ambrosia Beetle

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It’s early in the year, but I’ve already spotted evidence of this pest on a freeze-damaged satsuma. I had painted neem oil on the base of the trunk hoping this would deter these horrible bugs, but that effort was not successful. Are there any other treatments aside from permethrin?

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Hi @Uteas , welcome to GrowingFruit!

Here’s what UMD extension has to say about Ambrosia beetles:

We lost 100 Apple trees that we were attempting to bark graft to Ambrosia beetles a few years ago.

Pathologist told us the beetles are attracted to trees under stress…

No cure once you have them as far as I know.

We removed and burned our trees and have not had a problem since.

NCSU examined the relationship between excess soil moisture on Ambrosia Beetles on landscaping plants in the attached article. Looks like waterlogged trees produce ethanol which attracts the beetles.


First ones I ever layed eyes on came in shipment of B-10 rootstocks last year from CopenHaven Farms.
Hoping I got rid of them, but I’ll be observing other young trees closely, especially in April, May.