Ambrosia - Best Pear EVER!

At one time, I was a member of the Southern Fruit Fellowship organization. I think they mailed 4 newsletters per year to the membership and each article was written by the members. It had members all across the Southern US and I recall reading about the Ambrosia Pear in one of the articles. The rave reviews made me want one so I tracked it down at Stark Bros. The pear is now producing and I must say, its everything the writer was raving about. My tree loaded up with pears that are mature now and we are enjoying my investment in this tree… Even had some fresh pear salad this week. I highly recommend Ambrosia Pear if you can locate one!


Hey @clarkinks -
How does Ambrosia perform for you in Kansas?



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Im pretty sure its patented. You can check on it and if not, I will send you some this fall or whenever.

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Need to try it again the first time did not go well for it. Droughts, windstorms, fireblight, heavy rains etc. are just a few of our problems. People do sell ambrosia pear trees. Many people say 4 -8 years in most zones until a standard produces , 3-4 years for dwarf production. PP16759

" Pear tree named ‘H2-169’

Oct 22, 2004 - Purdue Research Foundation

A new pear variety distinguished by its large size fruit of nice shape; fruit having a good quality texture and flavor; good tree type; blight tolerant (equivalent to ‘Honeysweet’ variety); early season (mid-August); and annual high productivity."

" * Scientific name: Pyrus communis ‘H2-169’.

  • Parentage:
      • Seed parent.—‘US 571’ (unpatented), which resulted from a cross between ‘Michigan US 437’ (unpatented) and ‘Comice’ (unpatented).
      • Pollen parent.—‘Honeysweet’ (U.S. Plant Pat. No. 4,379)."

" Patent History

Patent number: PP16759
Type: Grant
Filed: Oct 22, 2004
Date of Patent: Jul 4, 2006
Patent Publication Number: 20060090231
Assignee: Purdue Research Foundation (West Lafayette, IN)
Inventor: Jules Janick (West Lafayette, IN)
Primary Examiner: Kent Bell
Assistant Examiner: W. C. Haas
Attorney: Klarquist Sparkman
Application Number: 10/971,719


Current U.S. Class: Pear (PLT/176)
International Classification: A01H 5/00 (20060101);"

" * Botanical Name: Pyrus communis ‘Ambrosia’ PP16759

  • Height: Standard: 20-25 feet – Semi-dwarf: 12-16 feet

  • Spacing: Standard: 20-25 feet – Semi-dwarf: 10-12 feet

  • **Depth:**Locate the planting depth indicator, the marked line above the tree’s root system. The graft should be about 2 inches above the soil surface.

  • **Spread:**Standard: 25 feet – Semi-dwarf: 18 feet

  • **Light Required:**Full Sun

  • **Pollinator:**Bartlett, Duchess, Green Jade.

  • Yield: Standard: Approximately 4-8 bushels at maturity. Semi-dwarf: 3/4 - 1 bushel. Bearing age: 3-4 years.

  • Color: White

  • Size: Semi-Dwarf 2-4 Ft

  • Blooms: Mid Spring, Late Spring

  • Fruit: Golden-brown, russet fruit with pink cheek. Rich flavor with a buttery, grit-free texture when properly ripened. Required chill hours is a minimum of 400.

  • Zone: 5-8

  • Form: Fruit, Fruit Tree, Pear, Standard Pear, Semi-Dwarf Pear

  • Flower Form: Small white flowers.

  • Soil Requirements: Loamy Soil

  • Growth Rate: Medium growth rate.

  • Foliage: Deep green foliage."


First of all, I’d like to say that IMO there is no “best pear ever” because it all depends on where it’s planted and what your standards are among a lot of other things. I just happen to think the declaration is slightly offensive to everyone who has a favorite pear that isn’t Ambrosia and somewhat heedless to the variability in regional performance and peoples individual tastes.

If the definition of best is based on overall popularity than the best pear ever is Bartlett, which certainly isn’t my favorite eating pear, but it has many assets that make it so popular. I guess the second most popular pear in the world is Bosc.

But if you are a southern grower, your issues are different than a commercial grower in Oregon where Comice is growable.

If a member is going to endorse any variety, it is very helpful to know where they are growing it and what they are comparing it to.

I think of Comice as being the standard by which all other luscious pears should be judged, but that’s just another opinion.


$5 -$9 per tree in TN I will likely get one.



Better make it 2 of us buying them there when they reopen. That is a bargain!


Looks like I’ll be on the list G. Madewell nursery list also.


Looks to be a heavy cropper. Found these pics of Ambrosia Pear in bloom.


Found this from Perdue…not sure if Clark posted this.

As for G.Madewell nursery…

I did the deepest Geraldo Rivera investigation that i could… and heres what i think.

BBB review- 1 guy not happy.
Chamber of Commerce review- 2 guys not happy.
Growing Fruit- 1 guy not happy.

Google Reviews- 2 guys happy, 1 guy not happy.

Google Maps- seems like a legit nursery.

Facebook- it seems they tried to get folks interested but it didnt really work… not many followers and it looks like they have given up trying to promote themselves.

So in summary i think they must not do many sales on the net… as there is very little chatter about them anywhere. They probably have other markets to sell their wares like locally or maybe consignment at retailers.

They are super cheap and their shipping is super cheap… which is enticing to me…

The Honeysweet pear is also enticing to me…as well as the Golden Jubilee peach…ok maybe a cherry and a plum tree too.

The warning signs are kind of there but i could give Stark Bros more bad reviews than i have found on G.Madewell.

As of now im not scared of them…

@JesusisLordandChrist said he has already placed an order… I plan on calling them Oct 1…and ordering then if they answer the phone and speak to me personally.


Great work Geraldo! Proud of your investigative skills… I definitely recommend the Ambrosia if you can find it.


Further note from the purdue PDF i linked it says that the Fire blight resistance is similar to Honeysweet… and if you look at the recommendations from the USDA as the MOST resistant to Fire blight… one could conclude that Ambrosia makes the list as the MOST resistant to fire blight in the same category as Warren.

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Yes you are correct I did place an order with G.Madewell Nursery. I got an email archived confirming my order and PayPal receipt also. But I’m not expecting any response until October as there website says they are closed and will reopen starting October 1.

I also volunteered myself to give a review of my order through G.Madewell Nursery. It appears to me at least on the outset, this may be a Mom and Pop Nursery. Nothing wrong with Mom and Pops in my mind, I actually prefer them.

I will start a G.Maxwell Nursery thread in the next couple of days. And I will give my truthful honest review, good or bad or in-between, supplied with receipts and pictures. When I said honest, I meant honest. I don’t like a liar or a thief much, so I work extra hard to try and not be one myself.

Thanks for super sloughing investigate work, I did the same, but not near as deep as you did :+1:


How about i step it up a notch…to maybe ensure that at least you and I and the fellows of this group that are reading this and may order… get a fair shake.

I will send them an email (unless you want to)… and note that i plan on reviewing their order for communities and forums of 100,000+ readers on social media and various ones i belong to on the internets as well as various social media platforms including Youtube. And i want to promote small businesses like themselves that provide fruit trees priced reasonably and honestly and true to name. I will ask them if its ok for me to use their name and link their website… to set the hook.

IF they cancel my order or wont take it then we know they are shady… I think any good decent nursery would LOVE that kind of free advertising.

Or is that going too far?

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How is the Ambrosia fruit texture and sweetness? I thought Asian pear is the best in the world, especially Korean pear, which is known for crunch, sweet and JUICY( nectar literally drips)

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I volunteered to give “my” honest review of G.Madewell Nursery and I plan to follow through with that.

I don’t see any issues with “stepping it up a notch” as you said and I agree about promoting small business. But this is not my forum. I feel it’s only right to get @scottfsmith thumps up, before proceeding, since this is his forum.

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I think there is plenty of room for honest reviews… this post is proof postitive of the liar and thieves that TyTy are… yet nobody even talked about it. It takes folks like you and me and others to expose them. But to no end though… they are above reproach.

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I called the number listed and got no answer… To my surprise, the lady called me back yesterday afternoon and was very pleasant. I think they are legit, mom and pop business.


That’s a good sign about G.Madewell Nursery.

Thanks for taking time to reply :+1: