American cherry in Spain

Just spent a couple of weeks in Spain, thought you will get a kick out of this:

This is at a very touristy market in Madrid. At this fruit stall, the cherries from USA is 22€/kg, about $12/lb.

Same fruit stall, yellow peaches 8.9€ /kg, about $4.8/lb

I didn’t see them selling any. I found similar peach at super market outside Madrid for $0.50/lb on sale, and $1/lb regular price. But unriped peaches do not taste good whether it’s in US or Spain😔

The following are from a well know market in Barcelona:

€3 for this container of figs. Price seemed reasonable to me. I said I wanted to take a picture before she put it in a bag, she just spontaneously posed for me😀. The figs were much bigger and sweeter than what I grow in pots at home.

This small wedge of fresh durian costs 20€, about $21.8. Too rich for my blood. It’s wraped in plastic, so no smell. This is for you, @mamuang

Finally, this painting at a museum caught my eye, I didn’t know fig can be a tree like this:


Fabulous pictures. The fruit is always soooooo perfect. Weren’t you dying to pull just one cherry out of the center of that pyramid? Hmmmmm. Thank you for the quick trip to Spain.

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Cherries to be seen but not touched, funny.

That must be some extremely mild durian if some thin plastic film can contain the smell.

Thank you for thinking of me. A section of durian would not do, I need a whole fruit ( or two).

You took beautiful pictures. Thank you for posting.

Beautiful pictures, the prices are quite steep! The peaches are not unripe, they are just yellow clings called pavias in Spain.
These are the famous Calanda peaches (see the sticker).

If I remember correctly there are three strains with different ripening times - Jesca, Calante and Evaisa, ripening between September and November in Spain (so very late).

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Thank you all!
@mrsg47, haha… I wondered how they stacked up the cherries so neatly. If I pull one out and pyramid collapsed, do I have to buy them At 22€/ kg($12/lb)? :stuck_out_tongue:

@murky, At those prices, I suspect those fruits are more for show. I didn’t see anyone buying them. As for for Durian smell, I had fresh durian in Singapore. The pieces were packaged in plastic container already, I bought it back to hotel room, I didn’t think the smell was very strong. Maybe once it was open, the smell dissipate?

@mamuang, you can really eat a whole durian or two? To me, durian is very rich and filling.

@Paul, the peaches at fruit stall looked really enticing, but the price was not. I didn’t buy it there. I bought similar peaches at super market for 1€/kg on sale. quite a price difference😀
Unfortunately, the peaches from super market were hard and crunchy. I assumed they are unripe. Would love to taste an ripe one, they just looked so darn good!!!
By the way, are you from Spain or Catalan region? I walked right into the big protest for independence at Barcelona on Sept 20 without even realizing it😛

@Sara_in_philly I am from Eastern Europe but interested in fruit and the yellow clings are quite popular there. I was amazed they bag each piece on the tree, that’s why they look so perfect and explains the price.
Good to know they sell unripe peaches in Spain too cause that’s the reason why I stopped buying them here.
I read about the Catalan protests today. They have a referendum there but it was claimed illegal by the government in Madrid and they seized all the voting ballots and sent police to voting rooms. I am sure Catalan people will love them even more after this

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