American Persimmon Varieties

LOL, the messages from @Robert and @snowflake are proof of the divided opinions, no?

“. . . if it’s the actual Prok” may be the issue. And that’s what I was warning about – there is something out there labelled Prok that isn’t so good.

That’s a good caution to not buy that variety from Stark as the fruit you posted didn’t look at all like Prok. I guess mistakes happen but that would be frustrating for what they charge for trees.

Right. But I assume others who bought the not-Prok may have kindly given away scions to others, and so on. Labelling mistakes tend to propagate. So we have to verify the provenance of anything labeled Prok.

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No, @snowflake is mostly right. It’s not bad tasting, just weak flavored. Most of your persimmon heads want hardcore persimmon flavor. That’s where Prok falls drastically short.