American Persimmons vs. Asian Persimmons on taste

Hey all,

So I will be planting an American Persimmon tree (Meader) this coming spring. I did it on a gamble, never having tasted the fruit, and I decided that I would just see what happens.

I was able to get some Asian persimmons from the supermarket (Fuyu and Hachiya). I let them get nice and squishy and gave them a try. I liked them both, quite a bit, though I preferred the Fuyu.

My question is, to those that have tasted both American and Asian persimmons, does tasting an Asian persimmon give you a good general idea of what an American persimmon should taste like, and if I like the Asians, I should like the Americans? Or are the tastes different enough that one doesn’t really accurately inform you about the other?

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My somewhat limited experience is that American persimmons overall taste like much more concentrated versions of Asian persimmons. It does depend on the individual persimmon (variety, ripeness, etc), and they do have their own unique flavor components.

The Fuyu unlike the Hachiya can be consumed before it gets soft. The Hachiya must be soft and fully red colored before it loses its astringency. Giant Fuyu is my favorite. I have not tasted most American persimmons since leaving Tn many years ago. The wild ones there are quite sweet after frost takes away the astringency, but they are very seedy. Try to choose a variety that is seedless
Kent, wa