Amire Joannet Pear


Bet and callery produce quickly for me. Sure maybe a year or two behind ohxf sometimes but other times like with amire joanett they are ahead. Look when I grafted these! How much faster can you get? See some people think big trees are bad but I don’t. Harrow delight as an example grafted to bet, callery, ohxf all produce in 3 years. Bet will be 3 feet taller and callery about the same as ohxf. Going forward BET gets bigger produces more and more just like callery until it tops out at whatever height your soil allows. Deer are not a problem with fill sized trees. The question is why grow ohxf? There are situations to grow them but on my farm it makes little sense most of the time. We do grow ohxf rootstocks. I’m not just saying that like some might think because I dont have ohxf, I have hundreds.


truly awesome… just what I was thinking:)

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