Amling Pecan in Louisville?

For almost a decade, I’ve been growing seedling trees here near the Ohio River, and I’ve grafted a few. Last Fall, I bought an Amling that is grafted onto Major rootstock. Planted it next to a creek. When Spring came, it took off like a rocket, even producing a few catkins.

But, I know it’s a Southern tree. I’ve heard it does okay in Tennessee. What do you all think? Will it produce a good nut crop before growing season is over?

( BTW, I know it’s not a big producer. I was drawn to it because I hear it’s a nice looking tree with top tier disease resistance. So, I figure it could be a nice pollinator, looker, and might provide a few nuts each year.)


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I have had an Amling and an Excel in northwest Alabama since 2012. IMO, both have a pretty good chance of maturing nuts in Louisville. The problem may be more with spring budbreak. Both were nipped a few years ago by a late spring frost. Adams #5 is later to bud out so might be a possibility if you want a tree less likely to get frosted. There are plenty of other good choices better adapted to your area. Hark and Kanza are near the top.

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Thanks. I do know our last Spring freeze is April 25, I do believe. But that may be based on past years that we’re colder.

Fingers crossed.

BTW, I grafted Hark on two Kanza seedlings years ago. Both took. One was always a runt and the other grew vigorously. Then, after about the third year, both died.

But the Kanza I grafted onto Kanza is in it’s tenth year and doing fine.