Ammonia as deer repellent?

I would like to try it as deers have (again) jumped over my orchard’s 8 feet fence (and broke the upper part of it) and nibbled many of my young apple tres. I thought I had the best plan: hygienic tampon drenched with part human urine and vinegar but It failed miserably. I would refill the tampons once a week.

Ammonia: I wonder if some of you have tried it?

I don’t know what to do/use to retain the smell. A simple piece of cloth rolled around some fence’s posts? But I don’t believe the piece will retain the ammonia’s odor for long… Put the piece drenched with ammonia inside a perforated plastic bottle and hang the bottle?

Thanks for any advices!


I’ve used Deer Out with great results for years. Deer Out - Best Deer Repellent - Long Lasting, All Natural, Water Resistant -Deer Repellent,Groundhog Repellent, Rabbit Repellent-Rodent Repellent, Mouse Repellent, Rat Repellent, Squirrel Repellent, Raccoon Repellent


Reviews are mostly good and many are even enthusiastic about this product but it’s mainly about people that need to spray their flowers to prevent deers from eating them. I dont want to spray my trees with that stuff but would like deers to stay outside the fence in the first place…

Do you believe I could spray my fence with that product?


The problem with your fence is that they can spot a good landing site. Put rocks, logs, or bushes. They won’t risk breaking a leg. You can even build a smaller secondary fence and use it as a trellis for growing stuff.

I know somebody here with a very low fence on one side of his property. I asked about moose and he pointed out the rocks on the inside of the fence. Moose won’t risk trying to land there.

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Good luck with that.

14’ chainlink fence with 3 lines of outward facing barbwire on top.

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I have tried just about everything as far as scents go. What has worked best is Milorganite in sachet bags. I think one or more online nurseries sell the bags preloaded.

Milorganite is what people who sew deerplots use…to keep the deer out of their own feedlots…until the feedlot is more mature then the scent wears off.

I just had a small amount of damage where i had sachet bags hung…but they also had two rainfalls on them… so i am very upset…but it could also be my fault for not reloading the bags… still unknown… but it did last for a month.

Perhaps with any scent they get used to it and challenge it after a month?

The sachet bags can be found at michaels… they are muslin gift bags…i think they also have burlap. You can put anything in them you want.

My next trial is cigarette butts. An old timer said it works in his orchard without fail. Also spraying cigarette butt ash tea around the perimeter works as he told me…

I HATE deer. My pups have killed 3 fawns this year and ate them… but they are still learning to hate deer as much as me.

Milorganite works sometimes in some situations. I’ve had it keep deer out of foodplots for a week - 10 days and I’ve had deer wipe out foodplots treated with milorganite in a few days. It isn’t a guarantee. Deer Out works every time for me here. The key is to treat the plants before they first get browsed in the spring.

edited to add…dogs that chase/kill deer around here tend to end up with lead poisoning.