An apple from Tibet: Black Diamond

Gorgeous apple.


These pictures fly around the internet (mostly FB) every few months. There are different varieties in the article, only the (for me photoshopped) Red Delicious/Red Cap is supposed to be Black Diamond.
I am skeptical cause I am yet to see more pictures of it.


Ok. I thought it had an ark black look (but then, it probably would if its real)

I came across it googling something else by images and saw a pic.

Is it or isnt it? The Bigfoot of apples. Lol.

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I’d be happy to try it if I had a piece of scion wood!

Arkansas Black I’m familiar with. King David, Burgundy, Black Oxford I am trying to grow…recent grafts. I’ve seen photos of Roberts Crab colored up black like that. Some of the photos are altered…it’s probably partly that too…lighting.


The pics reminded me of black oxford


They’re real, but the color appears to have been altered in some of those photos. In reality if you ever see a photo of a lot of them in a market, some are very dark and some are not, just like many of the other “black” apples. Arkansas Black apples for example are sometimes almost black, but more often red or dark red.


Yeah when i look closer the green leaves are super, dark deep and bluish so likewise so is the apple.
I want to try an ark black or black oxford. Don’t have one in yet.