An example of a $60 peach tree that was $35 - $40 pre-covid

DSC01934 $60 - Copy

White Lady Peach Tree
7-gallon pot
7+ feet tall

Tree was rootbound as most trees are from these sources. The lady at the COOP where I bought this said shipping has skyrocketed, so prices have gone up. They don’t put the trees on sale like they used to either. Maybe they will cut them back to $40 in July for any leftovers. They used to have a 20% off sale for Mother’s Day.

Ornamental trees like this or bigger are $120 - $180 for 10-gallon sizes. I have zero ornamental trees. No land to spare for loafers.


Even before covid I was looking at 120 dollars for a 7 gallon Juliet bush. Now the tree farm does not even list their prices online.

$9 at Vaughn. $1 more if you want a 4 foot tree.

yeah things have gone way up…i think i paid $6.XX for mine.

That’s a good looking tree for $60. Big boxes for that size are around $40-50 I believe, but White Lady is not widely available like the ones they carry at the brick and mortar. I bought my White Lady as pretty much a whip for almost $40 after split shipping with buying 2 other trees from an small family owned online vendor that’s considered well-priced compared to most. I would gladly pay $60 for that locally if they were to carry it. I live on a small suburban lot so I can’t fit many trees. Plus, I think it’s worth it paying a little more for a bigger tree that has good structures and will fruit a year (maybe 2) earlier than a whip.

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