And the winner is... Juliette!

I picked my first crop of Juliette today, about 3/4 of it. It could hang few days longer but three days of non-stop rain do not help. Surprisingly, even not on the pick of color the berries are sweeter than any tart cherries I have. And look at the size! No, it is not a dime. And not a nickel. It is a quarter!


I’m glad to hear that! I gave a Juliette to friends of mine as a cabin warming gift and it should fruit, conditions permitting, soon. I’d be delighted if it works out for them. Thanks for your update.


I loved my Juliette, It was much more reliable than my sweet cherries were, and tasted just as good. nice harvest!


Just finish picking my Juliet today. It is definitely bigger than Carmine Jewel. I got about 10 -11 lbs from my 4 yrs old bush. This was about 30% of the flowers it put out.

Taste is subjective. I gave a lb each to 3 people. All three and I think Juliet was sour.

Then, I tasted Carmine Jewel. That was Sour!!! and borderline bitter (to me). When I tasted Juliet after I tasted Carmine Jewel, Juliet was definitely “sweet”.


nice! i got about 50 each sizing up on my 2 juliets. cant wait to try them! romeo has about 20 as does c.j.

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Never tried it but have watched a few videos on it. All the videos I have watched on taste tests say if you are expecting something like a sweet cherry prepare to be disappointed but it is good on it’s own. I guess if you like making pies and you want them to be super sweet this is the cherry for you.

Not sure if your post was for me. FYI, I have grown sweet cherry for 10 years and grew other sour cherry that tasted less tart in the past.

My comment about tartness is a personal view. Taste is subjective.

These were from this year. Black Gold, Juliet and Carmine Jewel



Cherry flavor for most all products is from tart cherries. I make syrup mostly. I find it refreshing usually mixed with other flavors such as cherry lemonade or ice tea. I also made fruit leather with more sugar than my syrup. I keep the syrups tart. How I like them.
I have dried them too but they are still tart dried. Good for muffins and scones. I also make fig newtons with my figs. I sometimes add cherry, blueberry, or strawberry syrup to the recipe. I prefer using dried figs in the recipe. Adds more fig flavor to the mix.
My wife makes mini pies with a mini pie press. Her homemade crust is the best I ever had. Using egg wash on the dough adds a fantastic flavor. Served hot with ice cream. To die for! This is why I grow them and look forward to cordials, pies and muffins each year.


Yeah sorry I meant to do a general reply.

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