Animal bite ID (persimmon damage)

Can anyone guess what’s been trying to eat from one of my persimmon trees? I highly doubt it’s a person.

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Chupacabra, I kid maybe an opossum that’s what got all ten of my persimmon.


Nah, too far north for chupacabra. This is bigfoot country, but they have bigger mouths.

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I am interested to know, too.

Let’s tag @Lucky_P . He is a veterinarian. He probably can tell.

Maybe a deer? I thought they would have bigger bites, though. I can’t think of anything else big enough that doesn’t have pointy teeth, or at least canines.


Looks pretty close… but on the same site Rabbit looks similar too.


That’s a kiwi website. We’ve got opossum, not possum.

Hooved rat gets my vote.
I see those on pears, all.the.time.
Looks like lower incisors…they don’t have uppers.



Damn deer. I nominate the return of mountain lions and wolves.

Wolves and some mountain lions have returned in my state.