Anjou pear on my 4-in-1 Asian Pear tree?

So I took delivery of my 4-in-1 asian pear tree from Raintree. Instead of 4 varieties it had 5. The 5th variety simply labeled Anjou. Now as a kid I can remember eating D’Anjou pears from the local market and they were definately not Asian pears.

So what gives? Is the Anjou graft on my Asian combo tree a distinct variety of Asian pear I’m not familiar with or is it simply the tried and true D’Anjou pear I remember from my younger years? I simply can’t imagine why they would graft a European pear on an Asian pear tree but I guess weirder things have happened.

When I Google Anjou Asian pear there aren’t many results. But there are a few that make reference to fragrant pear. Is there a chance this could be some new Chinese fragrant pear or do you think it’s a euro pear? Guess I’ll fine out in a few years if it fruits out eventually.

First I’ve heard of it! As far as I know Anjou only refers to the French variety but I’m not exactly am expert either.

Must be a bonus from Raintree. My 4 variety “disease resistant” apple from them had a 5th, “Summer Red” which I had never heard of.

Last year I went bonkers grafting and added a bunch of Euro pears to my Asian pear tree. Some bloom at the same time so I added them as pollenizers. All of them took, and one is about to bloom. So now my Asian pear has Orcas, Rescue, and maybe some Bartlet and others. I dont know which one is blooming. The buds are pink, while the Asian pear flowers are white.

Maybe your Anjou is there to pollenize, or maybe just because.

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