Anna Apple with yellow leaves

Planted this Anna along with a Gala about 2 months ago. Tree seemed to be doing fine, we had quite a bit of rain when it was first planted so there was no need to really water it in. Those rains have tapered off significantly over the last couple of weeks.

Fast forward, the gala is doing fine, but the Anna has started to show yellowing on some of the leaves. This has been going on for at least 2 or 3 weeks. In addition to yellowing, the leaves are easy to pull off…I know fall is coming but the other (reclaimed) Anna I have seems to be doing fine…

Any thoughts to what this is? Don’t see any bug activity, and I’ve checked the soil so it’s not a lack of water. Nutrient deficiency perhaps?


It’s fall so that’s entirely normal. Two trees of the same variety can differ in time of leaf drop. Stay calm all is well.

We have this leaf degradation epidemic every year around this time :wink:


leaf degradation epidemic…I like it…
even though I know its fall by the calendar it’s still pretty warm…guess it doesn’t matter to the trees.

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anna’s are tough.

not exactly proud of the pic below, this anna has never been healthy(tough to grow apples in the mojave desert), yet still fruiting for 6 years now. Ridden with borers as evident with dead branches, but fortunately, infestation continue to be localized after all these years.
ugly as a specimen tree, but at least it is 100% pesticide-free!

great picture juju…may not be the prettiest specimen, but at least its producing fruit…

thanks Jeremy! It is hands-down the most resilient and toughest of apple varieties, despite how it presents itself.
sadly, it is probably not something for the next generations to enjoy. Not even sure how much more mileage it will run on whatever’s left in its tank. I might even outlive it, lol!
apples aren’t the longest-lived of fruit trees, and this hostile desert accelerates the ageing process.

Yes, my Flavorosa pluot seems to be the first to suffer from this scourge.