Another Mystery: Bug Eggs or Disease?

What are these? Bug eggs? They frequently appear out of thin air on the branches of my apple trees. I have removed scores of these. They have a texture like styrofoam.

On the branch:

Picked off the branch:

The underside:

I don’t know but I dont touch sh!T like that. Your a better man that I. Haha


Eggs- find out what kind before you damage them. They may be beneficials.

For sure insect eggs. You have some good photos, post it on one of the bug ID sites, or check with your local cooperative to see if they can ID these eggs to see if they’re good guys or bad guys. Dave, you crack me up.

Patty S.

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Pretty sure they are tent caterpillar eggs.

I had seen this post from @scottfsmith but was not 100% sure they’re the same. Perhaps they ARE tent caterpillar eggs.

Thats what it looks like to me… kill! kill! :laughing:

Oh gosh. Yes, just checked. That’s what they are. I agree with Scott, “search and destroy” mission is in order!