Another pawpaw thread - Question about planting location

I ordered 3 pawpaw trees(Sunflower, Mango, Shenandoah) from Indiana Berry. I’m assuming that these things will be pretty small when they arrive. The planting spot I was going to consider is on the north side of a retaining wall behind my blackberries. I keep reading they need mostly shade for the first year or two. Texas summer sun near Dallas is pretty brutal. Do y’all think allowing them to grow behind blackberry bushes will work out? I allow my blackberries to get to about 5 feet tall. Would this be too much shading for too long(until 5 feet tall)?


Am I incorrect on just how much shading these things need? Can they take a morning/partial afternoon sun as long as they’re well watered?

Appreciate any help. I can’t find these fruits locally so I’m going the extra mile for these suckers.

The north side of a wall, behind blackberrys , maybe a good plan for Texas . As I can imagine how brutal the sun is.
It would be a matter of management . Simply moving blackberry vines to provide more or less sun should work.
Young pawpaw can take some sun, I just would not put them where they bake.
Conversely , very heavy shade may not be the best.
I bet you can make them comfortable there



I admire your effort in growing pawpaws outside it’s typical locations.

From what I’ve read, “The Pawpaw, Asimina triloba, is the largest edible wild fruit native to the USA, occurring naturally in moist, shady places in most of the eastern half of the USA, from the Gulf Coastal plain to the Great Lakes, and from lower New England, to the edge of the southwestern plains.”

Please let us know how your pawpaw will grow in TX.

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My largest pawpaw tree i planted on the north side of an 8ft tall fence and i love that location for a few reasons. When the tree was shorter it received good morning sun but was partially shaded during the mid day temps and then got some sun at the end of the day but now that the tree has grown taller it gets full sun.

In the winter pawpaws in direct sun are vulnerable to winter sunscald/sunburn and the shade from that fence helps there also.

As for the BlackBerry idea im doing that also with some seedlings and they are doing well even though they get strong sun from 11-sunset.
A Lot of mulch would help too.

Pawpaws shaded by blackberries

Here is a few seedlings in direct sun that as long as the are watered seem happy