Another Peach ID needed

My Nephews wife sent me a text with a picture of a bunch of peaches she had picked and simply said “Picking Redhaven today”

And then they later stopped by and brought us a few to sample.

This was on like September 2nd I think. The peaches were mostly yellow and pretty hard, but were VERY big. We let them sit on the counter for a few days and they are very sweet and juicy now.

But the point is, I had picked what small amount survived from my Redhaven tree on 7/31 (We live about 5 miles apart)

So here are some of the (most of the…) peaches from my Redhaven tree.

And this is a peach that they said was labeled Redhaven but was picked a full month later.

I wondered if it could be something like a Halehaven or something. I even wondered if it could be an Elberta, but thought it was too late for that and maybe too big as well. (My Son-in-law harvested Elberta 2-3 weeks ago off his tree unless it too is mis-labeled…)

Anyway, just wondering if anyone might have an idea of what this peach could be that would ripen in early September here in Iowa.

I’d characterize it as melting, and it comes free from the pit very easily. As you can see there is a lot of red coloration around the pit area as well.

When I asked why they were thinking it was Redhaven they said it was labeled that way, and it came from a nursery over by Kalona, Iowa.

Any thoughts?

It looks like Elberta type. May be Fay Elberta (aka Late Elberta aka Gold Medal).


Your absolutely right that the later peach isn’t a Redhaven.

I have any experience with the Fay Elberta peach Stan mentions since it’s a California peach.

It’s hard to say what the late peach in your photo is, since there are a lot of late peaches. It could be a Victoria. Victoria would probably ripen about that time in parts of IA. It also doesn’t color very well for me, similar to your photo.

Maybe Sunhigh.

Thanks guys.

I think I’ll try to look a little closer at their tree in the Spring to see flower type, and then later on maybe observe the pit size and color, etc. But the variety didn’t seem to matter nearly as much to them as it did to me! When I mentioned that I wondered if maybe it was a Halehaven or something like that, they were like… “Who cares what it is, it tastes good”.


But just when I’d convinced myself that I have plenty varieties, all this peach variety talk has sent me to various sites to read up on those noted - and now I’m pondering what other peaches I may want to plant (trial) this spring…

I say “trial” as if I’d have the constitution to remove some less desirable tree. But that IS my plan. I removed 2 Earlitreat to make room for a building, and I have 8 other varieties in the ground with most still waiting on their first crop, so we’ll see.