Another Plum ID Thread

My neighbor has a mature Plum tree in her yard very close to my orchard. I’m wondering what kind it is. I hope it pollinates my pluots well as it blooms at the same time. The blossoms are white. Sorry the pic is not that clear.

Possibly an Italian prune plum?? But that’s just a wild guess. I can’t see fruit shape. I guess I just think it looks more like a European type than Japanese.

I pic of fruit might help.

Hi FN, you can click on the image and then click again to see a zoomed in view. The fruit looks round rather than oblong as the Italian Prune looks.

Might be Damson .

If it’s a european plum, it’s not going to pollinate your pluots. If your pluots are fruiting,
it’s because they’re pollinating each other.

This looks a typical Japanese plum, European varieties show a completely different leaf shape.


Where are you located? Your profile says 9B. If you live in a low chill area I doubt it is a Euro type. To me it looks round and probably Santa Rosa if your in southern California…

Hi puggylover75,

I’m in San Jose, CA. Santa Rosa is a favorite variety around here, at least I see a lot in nurseries. Does it look blue when unripe?

They can until you rub them on your shirt and the they look deep redish/purpleish. They do look dark in the pic but my MIL do too until I polish them up. Are they not ripe yet?

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What’s MIL?


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Ok, detailed pics courtesy a greedy squirrel