Ant Control Help

Anybody have any advice on ants? Do ant granules work? Ants are infesting my home and fruit trees.

I’m in Florida and have had some major ant problems. I use this. I works here.

And this on Fire ants

Make a bait with a very small amount of borax in it.
Sometimes they like sweet ,… sugar , honey , fruity stuff.
Other times they want protein , meat.
Add very small amounts of borax to what they will eat.
They take it back to the nest , killing the whole nest .
May take them a week or so to slow down
Cheap , effective

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I have been running with the borax. It works, but I live around woods and there are a lot of ants. I need them dead faster. The older the orchard gets I feel like every insect and animal for miles is looking to move in with me.

It won’t kill them,but Tanglefoot should keep ants out of the

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Try the bulk product DominAnt or terro pco. You can buy this by the gallon.

Research the active ingredient, ignore the brand name… Is my way of thinking.

DominAnt: Active Ingredient Borax (B4Na2O7.10H2O) 5.4%
Terro PCO: Active Ingredient Borax (B4Na2O7.10H2O) 5.4%

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Both are made by the same company Nisus. DominAnt is a commercial replacement for the Terro PCO professional product. Terro 2% is sold at Home Depot in small packets.

FYI for ~$4 you can either get 2oz of Terro, or 4lbs of Borax. Terro is <6% Borax and the rest mostly sugar (Sucrose).