Ants & Amdro

Is Amdro Ant Block Granule safe to use around fruit trees?
Does it work?

I have ants ranging all sizes aggressively climbing up and down my trees…

I usually use the tangle foot + flagging tape but would like to avoid it if possible.


These products are usually Pyrethroids, which are safe for plants/trees. Can you confirm what the active ingredient is? Also, ants usually are not harmful to fruit trees, unless they are in a symbiotic relationship with aphids; I would ignore the ants if there are no aphids. Later in the season when fruits are ripe, I would not want any ants around or on my trees.

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Thank you @Ahmad. The active ingredient is Hydramethylnon (0.88%)
More product info here - Amdro Ant Block Home Perimeter Ant Bait | Yard Granules. Is it safe to use around fruit trees?

These ants are EVIL! They farm aphids and other bugs too! The flagging tape and tanglefoot works great but the problem is doing it on 50+ trees is a lot of work. This product will make it a lot easier if it works…

Thank you!

Amdro’s website says it is not permissible to use in vegetable gardens, so I would not use it around fruit trees.

Inside the house, I use boric acid bait stations (sold at HD) and they are very effective, but have not tried them in the yard. You can alternatively spray the tree trunks and soil around the base of the trees with a pyrethroid product that is registered for fruit trees.

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Wow thank you! Glad I checked! I’ll look into pyrethroid or just go ahead with the flagging tape and tanglefoot.

Make your own trap with boric acid and sugar syrup!


Powdered Diatomaceous Earth (DE) around the tree trunk works very well against ants. Unfortunately, DE is effective only when dry, so you should adjust the irrigation tubes to not wet the area just near the trunk. Also, needs to be refreshed after each rain.

I bought a 50 lb bag of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth at


It also helps to find the ant nests and kill them there. They can be killed with boiling water but it takes multiple applications and digging around to kill them all.


Im a huge fan of Sugar and boron mixed together to kill ants. The mix is like 1 cup of sugar to 2 TBL of borax (natural mineral). Shaken up real good, I use way more borax.

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Awesome, thank you so much @Stan @Ahmad @bleedingdirt @RichardRoundTree !

Between the Diatomaceous Earth and the borox home made/store bought traps, I should be able to get this under control.

I am going to try using DE for my aphid issue as well!