Ants on peach trees, good or bad?

Every spring I have a huge aphid explosion on my peach trees and the ants are more than happy to help them along. I use dish soap to control the aphids and usually have to apply 4-5 applications to get things under control. This always bothers me and if I don’t spray they can do a lot of damage to the trees. I curse the ants for farming the aphids; However today I realized that they might be good at keeping peach tree borers away. Does anyone have any experience with this?
Today when I went to weed around the trunk of one of my trees and check for borers I was swarmed with ants. My first thought was there is now way a borer or any other insect could make it on that trunk! As it turns it was the only tree that didn’t have borer damage on it, coincidence?

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I’ve never heard of ants protecting against anything but Ladybird beetles,when farming Aphids.
If Tanglefoot is not used,the ants will usually try to get inside my ripening

I get them moving aphids in the apple trees, so I treat the trunks and the aphid problem goes away. If you think they are protecting the trunks from borers, you could maybe spray higher to protect the foliage.

I see them gathering from the glands on the leaves of my plums and peach tree. They smell candy-sweet when I gently pinch them. The glands; not the ants.

I have a terrible ant problem in my yard. They’re everywhere. Bringing aphids to plants and every time I water my mulched plants they come out in droves. Absolutely hate them!

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Ants and termites are mortal enemies there are some benefits to having them around the house.

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