Any experience using Myrobalan 29C as a cherry rootstock?

I ran across some research out of Spain reporting on good compatibility and yield for sweet and sour cherries on particular Prunus cerasifera rootstock.

I was wondering if members of the forum had experience to report on using Myro. 29c or other P. cerasifera as a cherry rootstock?

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What a coincidence, I was just reviewing that subject as you posted.
I believe a couple of Europeans members have used Adara.
There is also Monrepos out of Spain that is excellent per the scientific literature.

Earlier this year I called a number of US nurseries about Adara but had no luck at all. I don’t believe that either of these rootstocks are available in the US.

If anyone could help with the import process I would be interested in purchasing both of these from Spain.

I have adara and Monrepos both are of Spanish origin and practically the same, first came out adara and Monrepos is the second version but not in that improvement.

can be directly grafted cherry these rootstocks and have a cherry with a rootstock with the same qualities as Myrobalan (limestone and resistant to drought).

currently is being used much as bridgegraft mariana2624 + adara +cherry this convinacion trees gives very resistant to moisture being able to plant cherry trees in areas where they died from excess moisture

the combination I use is Garnem +adara + cherry ,Garnem is a rootstock developed in Spain a few years ago, is red leaf, as nectaplum and is a hybrid of peach and almond trees, this rootstock is vigorous and grows very fast, resistant limestone and thanks to the almond tree is very resistant to limestone , also resists nematodes and other fungi, is a suitable rootstock for peach, nectarine, plum, pluot and aprium

This cherry variety stark gold mine (yellow cherries that do not eat birds) has just 2 years

forget to say that there are several varieties of cherry that are not compatible rainier, napoleon, crystal(cristalina) and sonata.

it must be borne in mind that in a graft adara bridge must have a minimum of 20 centimeters so that the wise do not mix garnem and cherry or cherry and marianna

the tree that is in the center of the image is a Garnem which I have grafted adara, this year I let it grow so that the trunk take a good thickness and next year graft cherry in respecting a minimum of 20 centimeters must have adara

the stain white is not a disease or anything, is kaolin, a clay that is used to repel ultraviolet rays from the sun and not burn leaves in very hot areas


How long has it been available? Is it patent protected?

Very nice work! My bridge grafts for cherry on plum are far shorter than you recommend but are working so far. We shall see, they may fail at some point in the future.

One observation that I can make is that cherry grafted onto plum is far better adapted to our tough conditions than any cherry root. Few cherry roots can tolerate our salty clay soil.

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adara has no patent, Monrepos yes

if you see my land is very compact with lots of limestone and a high pH of 7.8, for several years I have planted cherry trees grafted gisela, colt, seed santa lucia, st lucia sl64, pontaleb or francs and 2 or 3 years the trees were dying for one thing or another, but if they gave plums well in my conditions and thanks to adara I already have cherries.

see these comments on cherry rootstock in a Spanish forum, the speaker is “brooks” is an expert at the cherries and cherries grown for export to Italy, he has also written a book about cherry … … if you read carefully, all cherry rootstocks are weak in something, some are weak against limestone, others can not stand firm ground, others can not stand wet soils, only adara seems well in many areas.

in this document you can see a cherry plum rootstock grafted with marianna26 24 more adara more cherry(lapins and earlise)pages 32 to 42.

on page 49 they tell us that Marian + adara combination produces about 29 kilos per tree compared to 18 kilos per tree that produces MAXMA, 35% more production


Fantastic information Matrix! Adara is like many of the fascinating commercial rootstocks that I would love to use, but can not acquire. Here in the states the commercial suppliers wont sell in quantities small enough to a small grower like me to be able to afford.

@matrix, thank you for the links to the helpful information. In the “Patrones para cultivo del cerezo” presentation on page 42, the Lapins/Adara/M26-24 combination shows the Adara bridge much smaller in diameter than the Lapins scion. Is this growth pattern common in your experience?

Some other sources that I found informative may also be of interest to others:

Growth, yield and fruit quality of ‘Van’and ‘Stark Hardy Giant’sweet cherry cultivars as influenced by grafting on different rootstocks

Genetic diversity of Prunus rootstocks analyzed by RAPD markers

Adara, A Plum Rootstock for Cherries and Other Stone Fruit Species

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yes, I also realized this situation 2 years ago when I saw that document, the cherry tree is more vigorous than adara and its trunk grows more.

my trees when this does not happen to them, perhaps because of that I have grafted in Garnem (gxn15) that is more vigorous than marianna (perhaps semi dwarf varieties like silvia or stella go better).


great looking trees!