Any experience with oracle almond?

I purchased a Nikita’s pride and Oracle almond tree last year from Raintree; However the Nikita’s pride arrived dead. Nikita’s pride is talked up on their website and is the almond I wanted, Oracle was purchased as a pollenizer.
Once again this year I ordered another Nikita’s pride and just like last time it showed up dead…In the mean time the Oracle tree made it through the winter and even set some fruit. I don’t know if it is self fertile or if it was pollenized by peaches, it bloomed a few weeks after my nectarine and peach got wiped out from late frost. I was really impressed that it bloomed as late as it did and that the almonds survived when my peaches didn’t. The blossoms were white and had an incredibly intense honey smell. It is good to know that almonds can set fruit here, but I would keep it for the blossoms alone.

I am considering cutting my losses with Nikita’s pride if oracle is a good almond. It is described as a semi hard shell and I am worried it is another Hal’s hardy? Does anybody have experience with Oracle? I don’t consider Hal’s an almond, it is no better than an apricot pit. If Oracle is similar to Hal’s I will order another Nikita’s, but if it is good I will plant a peach instead. Also are there any true almond alternatives to Nikita’s like an “All In One” and will their blooming times will sync up?
Looking forward to hear what you people have to say. Thanks Greg

P.S. I am done with Raintree this sums up my order for this year.
-2 years in a row I bought a Nikitas pride and they show up dead.
-Indian free had a steep crotch and canker so I cut most of the tree off. A lot of the roots came broken and it is now dead. This tree was large but should have never been shipped.
-Prairie star persimmon is just sitting in the ground and likely wont come out of dormancy. I know give it time but I have seen this before and usually it is an indication it is done for.
-Sweat scarlet goumi is the only plant growing but it is really small.
I could call and have them warranty my plants but I want to get some trees in the ground instead of waiting another year. You don’t get that time back

I’m looking at oracle and prima myself. How have yours cropped for you since this post? Any brown rot?

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Hi Gregkdc! I was just outside enjoying the blossoms on my Oracle and trying to figure out what to do next. It’s two years old, and it’s never fruited, but I don’t think I have an appropriate pollinator for it. (It was an impulse buy at the time.). I’m looking at peaches, since I have such a small yard. I was wondering whatever happened with yours? Did it ever fruit? What did you get for your pollinator?


Liz in DC

Hi Liz! Did you end up getting a peach for your almond? I’m trying to do some research to see if any almond cultivars bloom at the same time as my Contender peach. It’s hard to find into on the timing of blooming, probably because the timing depends on what area the tree is in and also the weather each year.

Hi Melinda!

I did not. Or rather, I did, but a critter ate it before it had time to do anything. Where are you located? I’m in Arlington, VA, Let’s stay in touch and and post blooming updates on our respective trees. Maybe they will be a match for each other!


Did you get anymore almond trees? Sounds like you really went through it with Raintree sorry to see that. I have an All in One I’ve been thinking about grafting another pollinator onto even though it’s self fertile.