Any idea what this fruit is?

Saw these on a walk and was completely unsure what it was. Thank you!



Note the “poisonous” bit…


HAHAHA…I was raised in Ohio. Buckeyes were known as Useless Poisonous Nuts…LOL…But when made with Chocolate and Peanut butter are awesome…

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I was raised in Michigan. We also consider Buckeyes useless poisonous nuts.


I wasn’t allowed to call it Michigan. It was That State up North…LOL


Here is another to see if anyone can ID. Some of you from further north should recognize it. I don’t see it very often in this area.

Looks like beauty berries. I’m not positive but that’s what it looks like to me.

It is similar in many ways, but these berries are 1/4 to 3/8 inch diameter which is much larger than beauty berries. The leaves do not have serrated margins while beauty berries typically do.

Interesting. Very similar leaves. Definitely a lighter color then here. I’ll see if I can match them in some plant ID.

Darn can’t remember the name, they will turn bright purple. Poisonous and invasive, terribly invasive. Banned in Rhode Island! Porcelain berry!

Maybe unripe pepper berry

Not likely jewel berry

Possibly some kind of Viburnum,maybe Northern Wild