Any Japanese raisin tree cultivars?

A local gardener shared some “fruits” (although I guess technically they’re swollen peduncles) from his Japanese raisin tree, and my whole family found them delicious. I could try to sprout these seeds or buy a tree, but I was wondering, are there any cultivars I should be seeking out? Are seedlings variable? Reputable sources like this don’t mention any cultivars, which seems surprising.

There is almost no information on Japanese raisin trees, at least in the English-speaking world. I think very few people have them, certainly not enough to have cultivars.

You can see what little we know about them in this thread. Maybe if you could find a Japanese board, they would know more.

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I’ve researched them and finally got one last year. If cultivars exist, and I doubt they do, I’ve never seen mention of them. Additionally, even finding the plant isn’t easy. I out myself on Rolling River Nursery’s list and it took 3 years before I received an email. I ordered the day it became available and within just a few days it was again no longer available.

No flowers last year, but it still looks good, scratch test shows green, even though I planted it very late in the season last year.

I tried germinating seeds at one point and had no luck with those, but as the seeds were bought online I do not know if they were even viable.


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was wondering how yours is doing @Chills

i found this and quite tempted to get one!

I searched for a Raisin Tree a while ago and found some pictures of an old specimen in vienna. (Botanical Garden, University)

Went there but i couldnt find it … maybe its dead/replaced or i didnt look properly.

Damn wanted to taste the ripe flower stalks!


Marvin, I’m curious where the university botanical garden is in Vienna. It’s not on the Danube Island, is it?

Not a cultivar or relating to fruit production, but Oikos Tree Crops had grown out a cold hardier seed source than the others in cultivation. That was the only time I saw a Japanese Raisin tree available that was different than just run of a mill. I ended up killing that one too, put it in a bad spot, by that time, they never offered them again. maybe it was hardier, maybe not, such is life…


Thanks for sharing @Austro_PawPaw and @KlecknerOasis .

as for our qualms about trying the species, it is not about our winter cold, but the summer heat and the dryness…
and the alkali soil we have… We’ll see…

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Its located here:

There are many landscaping trees and some of them are rare.

The place is also a good indicator for cold hardy trees.

I also saw the interesting Decaisnea Fargesii (Dead mans fingers, blue bean plant, blue sausage fruit)

It had no fruit this year.