Any Jeanne gooseberry reviews?

Hello everyone,
I was looking into growing some additional gooseberry varieties and stumbled upon Whitman Farms review of the Jeanne gooseberry. Lucile (the owner of Whitman Farms) seems to like it more than just about any other variety. Unfortunately I can’t find much information from others. Anyone have any experience with this cultivar?
Thank you!

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I planted one in 2017 from Honeyberryusa. It has yet to produce much for us. I thought it bloomed a bit this year, but didn’t set any fruit. The good thing about this variety is that it’s thornless.

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Jeanne is a good gooseberry. I am currently of the opinion that there is not a huge difference in flavors among gooseberry cultivars. I have had good crops from Amish Red, Jahn’s Prairie, Poorman, Black Velvet, and Jeanne. The good side of Jeanne is that there are little or no thorns. The bad side is that they are small bushes resulting in smaller crops per bush. Definitely a worthwhile berry to grow.


I agree with zombiefruit. To add to it I think it is more about how bad the skins are per variety.

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mine is in its 2nd year and has put on good growth. was covered in flowers last week. waiting to see if any took. ill give a review if i get some. pruned off a few badly placed branches in may and stuck 3 of them into the mulch about 3ft away from the mother plant. all 3 rooted and are leafed out. love how easy they are to propagate.


well my 1st year Jeanne were good enough to eat off the bush. they were rediish purple by late july. Ωgot about 50-60. they had good size compared to the ones my father grew and were a lot sweeter. there was so many fruit on this little 12in. bush all the canes were weighed to the ground. if it keeps its production like this it will be a heavy producer. the 2 tiny cuttings i stuck in the ground near the mother in may are now 12in themselves with 3 canes each.