Any new fruit tree breeds this year?

Does anyone know of any new breeds of fruit trees patented this year or last year?

I am looking for something unusual to plant Spring 2017

Sugar Twist Pluerry and Ghost Apple coming for 2017.

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This year, I’m going to have apricot x ( peach x nectarine), apricot x (peach x almond), almond x (peach x almond), (apricot x plum) x (peach x nectarine), plum x( peach x almond), and flat peach x nectarine hybrids.

could you link where to buy them?

As of this date, Bay Laurel Nursery has already listed Sugar Twist Pluerry for 2017.

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There has been recent work in Canada on haskap’s. We cannot expect to see some of these varieties in 2017 but here is what they are working on