Any places can still get viable (euro) plum rootstock for grafting?

I underestimated how much rootstock I’d need and hoping to whip graft a few more plums in next 2 weeks (maybe i’d need 20 more).
I tried places I thought were cold like NY (Cummins Nursery) so they wouldn’t be too leafed out, but they don’t have much plum rootstock left.
Any suggestions? BurntRidge out of stock and RainTree can’t deliver for 3 weeks (already too warm and super leafed out for them I’d bet)

I don’t have any additional suggestions, but if you are worried about Raintree’s rootstocks being too leafed out, they do say this on their site:

“Note to Northern state growers: Our bareroot plants are completely dormant in cold storage and ready to dig in and grow for you.”

If you do get some from Cummins, make sure to get the 40% spring discount (code is SPRING40). I bet those 11/16" trees would make nice rootstocks! :slightly_smiling:

If you find big trees on sale, you can get 4 bark grafts on each so you only need 5 “stocks”. I have done plenty of that, an added advantage is the extra vigor greatly increases the odds of a take on a newly transplanted stock. Sometimes if you call you can get seconds for cheap, e.g. trees with variety tags lost, broke in half, etc.

Cool good ideas. That Raintree webpage you mentioned Bob does say rootstocks are in cold storage and I just called and they said they just 3 weeks behind in shipping and they are in cold storage so they would only leaf out a bit while shipping so I’ll probably go that route.
Scott, I’ll call and ask about the lost tags, that could also be a good idea (wonder if normal trees are also in cold storage @ RainTree is the only issue that might stop me from doing that since they could heavily be leafed out).

P.S. whats the best rootstock for upper state NY for Euro Plums (and might do a couple Apricots like Chinese-Mormon/Monstrose Apricots) …
Marianna 2624, or Krymsk is what I see available? Good for both?

Probably Myrobalan. That’s what Cummins recommends.

I like Myro, Marianna, and Citation.

I have my E plums on marianna. They are fine growing well in my bad soil. The only thing they do not like is warm soil. How warm your soil can be in CA?

Hey Mamuang, well these are for my friend in Upper state NY (adirondacks area). so weather will be relatively cool (it gets in the mid 80s in August there, but doesn’t get hot n’ humid like my area).
He has 80 acres there, so wanted to plant 20+ euro plums and see how they work out (going to graft some more of the varieties you gave me this year :slight_smile: ).

PS I live around Philadelphia actually and might plant/graft a few more Euros after successfully eating some Golden Transparent plums last year (yum!!!). They were fine and without disease, but I heard Euro’s can be fickle in humid weather here and need to be sprayed, so I’ll try to stay on top of a Captan spraying regimen here in Philly.
I have i think 10-14 varieties of euro and jap plums on 1 tree :slight_smile: [4-5 years old, only got to try Shiro jap plum and Golden Transparent so far… but this year looks like I’ll get to try a few Mirabelles and Gage varities as well].

Note: I cleaned up Raintree today of their remaining rootstock :). Thanks again everyone for suggestions.

Not sure how I “misremembered” your location.:slight_smile:

There is a member here by a handle name Plumhill, I think. He grows the largest varieties of plums among us. I want to say he lives in VT but I am afraid I will get the state wrong again.

We can bring him in on this discussion by putting the @ symbol and then typing his username i think.
Hey Eric from @PlumHill … just curious I’m interested in growing Euro Plums around Upper State NY, Adirondack area.

Just curious, Matt_in_maryland was mentioning Marianna, Myrobalan rootstocks (with Cummins NY nursery recommending Myro).
I’m wondering if I graft onto Marianna (since thats only rootstock I could get in quantity this week), if it would be fine in a cold area like the Upper State NY (Adirondacks). I guess Marianna is fine but maybe a bit more dwarfing than Myro?

Are there any varieties that you would recommend (or avoid) because they flower too early for up there for late frost issues (i heard you are in a Northern State like Maine or Vermont so thought I’d get your opinions :slight_smile: )?