Any places still have Peach rootstock for sale (that isn't for sandy soils like Nemaguard?)

Hey alll,
I thought I had an Lovell roostock order with Burnt Ridge, but then I checked my emails and called them up and realized I didn’t go through with my online order a few weeks ago.
So trying to see if anyone has peach rootstock still for sale.
OneGreenWorld does, but its Nemagaurd which I heard was for sandier well-draining soils (if someone can confirm?) and not for East Coast clay soils (in Pennsylvania and NY).
Fowler Nurseries has Lovell, but retail backyard price is around $32 per rootstock.
I asked them if that was a price mistake and really a ‘per 10 bundle’ price, and the person I called said no (wow, very $$$!).

I would guess i should probably use Lovell rootstock? or got any other recommendations?
I am trying to graft Black Boy peach and Indian Free peach, so I’m not sure if any other plum rootstock like Marianna 2624 will work (I may have some of those lying around but still need to order more).

Thanks if you got any leads!,

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Maybe check a local nursery for a cheap peach tree in the spring. They’re often already branching and would provide plenty of grafting points.


Looking for maybe 10 - 20 trees to graft though, so not sure I’ll be able to get ‘rootstock’ prices (aka $3.50-$5.00). I might have a lead on 36 trees (minimum order) … but thats a bit too much for me (but i may still buy it tomorrow if thats my only option).