Any problems using recycled water on orchard?

Can anyone forsee problems with an orchard watered with recycled water? This is California Tertiary grade treated water, so bacteriologically it’s completely “safe” to use. However, I am worried about the effect of the nutrients in the water, especially during the winter.

Btw: Here’s what my recycled water is made of:
ph 7.39
Alkalinity as CaCO3 303mg/l
Calcium 50mg/l
Magnesium 31mg/l
Calcium Hardness as CaCO3 124mg/l
Total Hardness as CaCO3 253mg/l
Chloride 210mg/l
Ammonia 29.1mg/l
Nitrite as N 2.5mg/l
Nitrate as N 1.4mg/l
TKN 30mg/l
Boron 0.454mg/l
Potassium 17.7mg/l

Don’t know, but I would think tertiary water would be OK. That’s not far off from drinking water.

How does it compare to the breakdown of the water you have been using? That then shows you the differences and from there you can evaluate what will go up or down in your soils over time.

FascistNation - I’m looking at establishing an orchard in the San Francisco East Bay suburbs. Tap water might be available, but using tap water for agriculture isn’t feasible in California’s drought. Drilling a well is a possibility. Recycled water is available at all the properties i’m looking at.

I’m more worried about the effects of fertilizing every time i water. I’ve heard people complain of fruit trees being overly fertilized.

i like those figures! Wish i had access to that water where am at…