Any treatment for cedar apple rust now?

Looks like growing apples not easier than stone fruit :slight_smile:. I just discovered tiny orange spots on leaves of my newly planted this spring GoldRush. It is pretty small tree yet, that small that I can count all the leaves on it, and I see at least 10-15 of them affected. Anything I can do about it now? Remove affected leaves may be? Spray?

Don’t remove leaves

The spores have already hit whatever they’re going to hit, they won’t spread from affected leaves to healthy ones

The worst effect of the disease would be to defoliate the tree, but this isn’t usual, so you’d just be doing the disease’s work for it by removing leaves that the tree is using

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So spray doesn’t make sense as well now?

I’ve never seen it advised at this point

The cycle of this disease goes from cedar to apple to cedar again - so any spores produced by the infection on the apple will infect the cedar in the fall, which will then infect the apple again in the spring

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Thanks, then I will have enough time to educate myself on how to fix it… Thanks again